Move-in-ready executive home


Panorama view of Lac de l'Argile from waterfront homeIMMACULATE EXECUTIVE HOME:

Move-in-ready; everything and everywhere in this home, from top to bottom and inside out, is completely finished, as maintenance free as possible, and ready to enjoy. And, it has always been maintained in pristine condition. The outside is 100% landscaped and finished as well. There would be very few properties within 1-hour of Ottawa generally comparable to this one. Additionally, if this waterfront home were on the Ontario side (perhaps on Mississippi Lake), where it would be much busier, much noisier, less private with closer neighbours, and much less beautiful, it would be at least double the value. If this were to be a first time cottage purchase, it could be arranged to be almost completely turn-key. That would eliminate huge additional expenditures for furnishings, housewares, decorations, tools & equipment.

Within about 3265 sq ft, the main and upper levels host 4 bedrooms and 2 ½ baths. The ground (walk-out) level, is a fully self-contained 2 Br + 1 Bath + full kitchen + living/dining room Guest/B-gen Suite. Its’ size is about 1000 sq ft and has its’ own private entrance.

Why are we selling?

Although we still, and always will, have a very special place in our hearts for this water front dream home, after nearly 30 years, from initial construction to a meticulously finished property, we feel it’s time to start thinking about downsizing to another chapter in our lives. That move doesn’t need to be immediate as we are still healthy and very much enjoying cottage life. Obviously though, we do realize that the market greatly narrows for more exclusive properties such as ours and because of that, we are putting it on the market now and not waiting until the time that we have to do it. After the sale, Monique and I will remain relatively close by and can be available to assist with the maintenance and/or to answer any questions. Please click here to contact the owners who are personally selling this property.


LakesideOttawaCottages_upperfloors34The shoreline is beautifully edged with natural rock:

Access is either by one of two easy to navigate stairways or via a natural winding pathway. The main dock is 8 ft X 16 ft with a smaller secondary dock off to the side used to launch the kayaks. The shallowness is relatively brief with a dive-able depth of about 8 ft at the end of the main dock. Off to the other side is a large irregular shaped, wave-protected, boat bay about 9 ft wide and 17 feet deep. Another unique feature of the rocky shoreline is that, while the shoreline is straight and perpendicular to the cottage, it was engineered to appear round. So, when you look out of the main level front windows or stand on the deck, it gives the appearance that you are at the helm of a cruise ship overlooking the rounded bow! And, very importantly, there are no water weeds enabling excellent swimming conditions.

By far, the most spectacular feature of this amazing 4-season relaxing retreat is the lake view. Through about 60 feet of almost floor to ceiling and side- by-side panoramic windows, you overlook a very wide expanse of the close-by lake. The home, we fondly refer to as “The Cottage”, sits about 30 feet back, and about 16 feet above, an enviably beautiful and easily accessible shoreline.

Waterfront home Great Room with cathedral ceilings

In front of that inside view from the main level, is 72 feet of outside balcony. Directly across the lake, you are looking at the uninhabited Papineau-Labelle Nature Reserve. When scanning this natural rolling mountain horizon with binoculars, you will not see anyone with binoculars looking back at you . All of the east lake-front windows, and the south- facing windows, have been professionally filmed to block out destructive ultra-violet rays and to reflect the hot summer sun. The wide expanse of glass both in the MBR and its ensuite have also been filmed for the same reason, plus it adds an additional element of “privacy” needed there.

Great Room – Open Concept:

The interior concept could not be more open and, of consequence, almost everywhere in the living areas has a spectacular view of the lake. Ceilings are generally 9 ft high. The beamed, cedar, great room Cathedral ceiling is 28 ft high. The interior features extensive use of western cedar, meticulously finished to delight a wood worker’s eye. Every piece of trim was carefully hand-made. With 3 coats of finish on the front and one on the back, this beautifully grained wood should be maintenance free almost forever.

As a 2-page colour photo-spread story, the Great Room was featured in Ottawa Magazine’s “Great Spaces” section. The included photos best tells the story of this, the most beautiful room in the cottage.

Ottawa Magazine_2015An elevated stone fireplace, a gorgeous custom cedar mantle above it sporting a multi-twisted jungle vine, and two 6 ft high masks above that still leaves enough room for two small masks to crown the inside fireplace chimney in the 28 ft cathedral ceiling. This expansive room area has permanent seating for 11 people with no worry about bumping into one another. And, additional seating could be feasibly added. Now that you’re convinced that this area would be great for large-party entertaining, let me also convince you otherwise. From a family of 4, we are now just 2 of us living at the cottage and it absolutely does not feel overwhelmingly large at all. Because of the width & height openness, you can look across the entire main level making the 48 ft wide inside space appear to be much less. I believe the reason for this, besides the “openness” is that everything everywhere is in “sizeable proportion”. You feel completely “at home” and not like in a hotel .


gourmet kitchen in waterfront homeGourmet Kitchen & Dining Room:

Again because of the almost total “open concept”, it is more of an “area” than a “room” joining the Kitchen and Great Room. Facing the lake, the current split-base solid oak antique table can (tightly) seat 10 people and there is sufficient surrounding space to add a supplemental table.

Master Bedroom & Ensuite:

The Master Bedroom has a 14 ft real bamboo cathedral ceiling; an eye-catching feature that is very complimentary to both the sloped ceiling and the current African decor. A 12½ ft cathedral ceiling, makes the porch seem “outdoorsy” like scenery seen through the 23 ft of panoramic, side-by-side, wrap-around windows to the (lake)front and (woods) side.

This expansive African-themed bedroom with a balcony overlooking the lake and a large screened TV, is a wonderful place to chill out at day’s end. In the mornings, enjoy the in-room (concealed) coffee bar while watching the sunrise or news on the big TV. Also discretely hidden, is a small fridge and microwave. The walk- in closet is large enough to be another room and there is a 2 nd story above it, in the centre cathedral ceiling area, for seasonal items or storage. Off the MBR is the ensuite bath with another balcony on this side overlooking the beautiful back perennial rock gardens with winding stone pathways on a gentle sloping hill. This bathroom has a walk-in shower with body-spray Grohe fixtures and a deep claw-foot soaking tub. The motif here is tropical beach with blue and green ceramic tiles that closely resemble ocean colours. The feature wall frames an eye-catching tropical 7 ft X 4 ft fish mural – the kind you would only find in a popular island beach hotel. Still there is enough room left for a large antique “jam cupboard” for towel storage, a cedar chest, and another room within the room for the toilet, sink, etc. Did I already mention that the ocean floor is heated?

Bedrooms & Bathrooms Generally:

There are 4 bedrooms and 2 ½ bathrooms on the main and upper levels. The guest room on the main level is “queen” sized with an attached ½ bathroom. The MBR on the upper level is also “queen” sized with a full 4 piece bathroom. There certainly is room for a King here.  Also the middle bedroom upstairs certainly would be big enough to have a queen bed. There are 2 other “double” sized guest bedrooms on the upper level supported by another full bathroom in between them. One of those bedroom is equipped with a bedside sink. There are two bedrooms and 1 full 4-piece bathroom in the guest/bi-gen/granny suite. The MBR there is a “queen” and the 2nd is a “double”. A “queen” futon is also in the living room.

midlevel_12Decks, Balconies & Patios:

1508 sq ft of maintenance free fibreglass decking and balconies almost surround the cottage on the main and upper levels. The attached thin, white, aluminum railings do not overly restrict the lake view through them when out on the deck. From inside, notice that the main level front deck is 4 ft lower than the main level floor. So, from inside, you look over the railing, not through it. Fronting the lower (walk-out) level Granny suite (lakeside), is 720 sq ft of covered interlock patio seating and dining areas. Also covered by 276 sq ft of upper level decking, is firewood storage.

The 3-season Porch:

The Porch is a 3-season nautical room full of windows! A favourite spot for casual meals overlooking the lake and a wide expanse of woods. The porch features a large fireplace and an indoor BBQ.

Wood Stove & Fireplaces:

One very large wood stove in the Great Room can quickly heat and keep warm the entire house.  As well there is a very efficient large windowed wood fireplace at the opposite end of the Great Room, and another even larger windowed (solely ambiance but non-efficient) wood fireplace in the 3-season Porch. There is an efficient propane gas fireplace in the Granny Suite below the Great Room.


Are you handy or crafty? We could leave it pretty much equipped. Attached to the main level of the house, it’s the entire 2nd level of the floor above the garage.   It’s another possibility for additional storage as well.  There is even more storage in the attic above it too, easily accessed by a built-in drop-down ladder.


Mechanical & Maintenance:
  • The hydro panel is 400 amps: 200 for the forced air electric furnace and 200 for the house generally. For infrequent power interruptions, the 100 amp generator panel makes life easy keeping the necessities conveniently operational.
  • There are two water supplies;
    1. an artesian well, and
    2. lake water serviced by a very reliable submersible pump in the lake. For health and safety, there is an elaborate filtration system and an ultra-violet purifier. Our water is tested annually and it tastes as good, or better than, bottled water.
  • We have a monitored house alarm despite there not being an attempted break in ever. It includes two monitored sensors which are:
    1. heat – when the house temperature drops to below about 8C, and
    2. a “water bug” on the laundry Room floor where the water systems are. It activates when water collects on the floor. Both of these features are especially important during short or seasonal absences (in the event of a prolonged power failure or equipment failures). There is a third septic pump sensor which is not monitored but sets off an alarm in the garage if the first of 2 septic pumps fail.
  • An in-ground sprinkler system services all of the gardens, the lawn, and even some of the wooded areas. This is very convenient and the water used is inexpensively sourced from the lake.
  • Heating Systems: Primary: forced air electric; Secondary: radiant floor heating almost everywhere in the “living” areas; Thirdly: efficient wood fireplace and wood stove at opposite ends of the Great Room (but with air transfer units to also move heat downstairs); Fourthly: efficient propane gas fireplace in the Granny Suite which does not require electricity to operate.
  • German roll-shutters are installed on the exterior (easily activated from the interior) of 34 windows and doors. These ever-so-useful shutters can:
    1. be fully or partially lowered to keep heat out or in;
    2. add insulation value in 2-ways;
    3. add an additional layer of privacy;
    4. can keep a room completely dark when fully lowered which is great for sleeping-in; and,
    5. they are irreplaceable for security reasons whether, you are away for a few days, or for the entire winter. No one has even tried to break in (the crime rate on the lake is low to non-existent anyway, but the house looks so formidable and impenetrable when all the shutters are down (even over the main entrance door). I would estimate a $60K cost to have them installed today.
Lot Description:

Approximately 1 acre with about 186 ft (56.69 meters) of beautiful waterfront. The topography is perfect – probably the nicest location on the lake. From the public road, the coloured crushed stone covered driveway is completely level leading into the very oversized double garage. There is ample additional outside parking as well. The cottage front facing the lake is ESE, perfect for many reasons. South of the driveway is the only lawn area covering the septic field where badminton, bocce, crocket can be played. North of the driveway, the terrain gently slopes upward into landscaped perennial rock gardens accessed via winding rock pathways. Beyond that is a wooded area. To the west and behind, is the temporary garden, sunken bonfire pit (for safety), regulation size horseshoe pits, and another wooded area to conceal the cottage from the road. Other cottages, beside ours, are on similar or larger sized lots, however, from the front (facing the lake), no other cottages can be seen. Ditto from the back when inside the cottage. The entire outside property has been professionally landscaped in 3 major stages over the years. Mr Hans Schmitz Sr of Artistic Landscape Design was the architect of all exterior landscaping and total garden design. Resultantly, it is now all proportionate and nicely mature. Another notable “cottagey” feature is an enclosed warm water outside shower inspired by a tropical eco-tourist experience.


Income Property – Granny Suite:

This property with a very impressive “Granny Suite” facing the lake, can be continually rented for >$1,150.00 per week during the spring, summer, and fall high seasons, all while still living upstairs at the same time. Or, the reverse could apply with a possible $3000 per week income. It is, and could remain, fully furnished and equipped everywhere. If renting were to be a consideration, or general maintenance otherwise, we could be available to help manage either or both. In consideration of payment we could live in the Granny Suite during busier times, or all summer. A B&B would be another business possibility; either upstairs, or downstairs in the Granny Suite, or both? The latter would involve more daily work as opposed to a weekly rental situation when cleanup between rentals covers just a few hours one day a week. A B&B could be more artsy and creative though if that were an inclination. BTW, the entire house is very well sound-proofed. Cirque du Soleil could perform in the Granny Suite and it would not be heard upstairs. Maybe a slight exaggeration – but …. just slight.LakesideOttawaCottages_lowerfloor04

Closing Date: Like the furnishings and most everything else in this dream home, the closing date can be very flexible.


This waterfront home will exceed your highest expectations. It has it all: the home, the property, the view, the location, with no necessary ongoing projects. It’s all finished, in perfect shape, and breathtakingly beautiful. Might it be yours to enjoy now? Come meet us and see.